50 years ago, Earth’s magnetic field was tied to extinctions


cover of the November 21, 1970 issue

Results of Earth’s magnetic discipline Science Information, November 21, 1970

Earth’s magnetic discipline has incessantly reversed at intervals of 1 million to 100 million years. Just a few scientists now suspect that these reversals might have had drastic results on terrestrial life.… Through the previous 2.5 million years, eight species of one-cell marine animals referred to as Radiolaria turned extinct. Six of those extinctions occurred concurrently all through their geographic vary instantly following magnetic reversals.


Earth’s magnetic discipline protects the planet from cosmic and photo voltaic radiation, however that discipline can weaken throughout pole reversals. Such reversals would possibly hurt greater than choose species, maybe taking part in a task in some mass extinctions. Direct proof has eluded researchers, however there are suggestive examples. In 2016, scientists linked a mass extinction of marine life 550 million years in the past with reversals that weakened the magnetic discipline. The ensuing elevated radiation may have led to the demise of many shallow-water organisms, the crew speculated.

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